Wooden churches

02. Hervartov

The wooden Roman Catholic church of St. Francis of Assisi, NKP

Wooden church of St. Francis of Assisi is since second half of 15th century placed in the centre of the village Hervartov. The Roman Catholic Church has nave of rectangular shape, polygonal presbytery, small sacristy and place under the tower. Unique look of the gothic building is made by the thin rectangle windows and the steep high roof covered by shingles. In the sanctuary is placed the main altar with the picture of Virgin Mary, St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Barbara with four shield adjustages depicting King Solomon and David with bilateral image of Prophets Elias, Habakkuk and Daniel and Jonas. In the interior of the church, veneered by vertical slab dressing, you can see rich painting decorations with figural and herbal motive. Precious monument for the Reformation period is polychrome wooden baptistery dated from 17th century, bench with carved sides and shelter and panel painting Last Supper”. Figural motives of Adam and Eve in Paradise, Battle of St. George with dragon and the Parable of the ten Virgins, considered to be the most valuable artifacts in church, are complemented by quotations from the Bible in Latin, Biblical Czech and Slovak languages.          


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