Wooden churches

06. Kalná Roztoka

The wooden Greek Catholic church of St. John the Baptist, 1750, NKP

The wooden Greek Catholic Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist was built in 1750. The patron of the church, St. John the Baptist was a son of a priest Zechariah and his wife Elisabeth. Already as a young man he went into desert, where he led ascetical life. He was preparing the people for the arrival of the Messiah.

The wooden church in Kalná Roztoka has three parts, three spaces, one tower and two crosses on the top. The construction is the classic log one, while that of tower is of the pillar style. Above the log of narthex is built relatively massive tower. The tower is vertically covered with panels and set into the saddle roof covered with shingles. The roof of the tower is low, in a shape of a cut pyramid; and above its ring is set an onion dome, blinded lantern and a tiny roof, finished with three – bared cross. Unique of this church are also his plastered and whitened walls.

The Iconostasis is filled with icons, which are displayed according to a special rule – canon. It has five rows and three doors. It is dated back to the 17th century and belongs to National Cultural Monuments. Icons of feasts and icons under the main row are from the 18th century. Main row consists of biggest icons, from the left: The holy bishop Nicholas, Mother of God the Hodegitria– the one indicating the way, Christ the Teacher and patron feast icon of St. John the Baptist. The middle royal double - winged doors have six medallions, on the top a pair with the feast of the Annunciation, and the four Evangelists below them. On the lining of the royal doors is on the northern part depicted St. Basil the Great, and on the southern side St. John the Chrysostom. In the arch of the lining above is God the Father with heavenly hosts on his sides. The second row of icons consists of icons of feasts, and also of the icon of the Last Supper above the royal doors. Above this row stands the third row, of the apostles, in the middle with a beautiful icon called Little Deesis, with Christ the High priest in the middle and Mother of God on the northern and St. John the Baptist on the southern sides respectively. The fourth row, of prophets consists of six medallions with pairs of figures. The top of the iconostasis is due to the lack of space not finished with the traditional cross. Fifth row consists of icons under the main row. We can see here the Apparition of Christ to St. Nicholas and unconventionally two icons of the holy apostles Ss. Peter and Paul. On the iconostasis is notable its red and blue tuning. Pillars between the icons and decorated carvings are gilded.

Near the church stands a wooden belfry, also listed among National Cultural Monuments. Inside hang two bells, one of them being from the year 1908, the other from the year 1933. Last partial renovation of the church took place in 1988-89.


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