Wooden churches

08. Malá Poľana (Hradec Králové - ČR)

The wooden church of St. Nicholas from Malá Poľana, 1759

    Wooden filial church in Malá Poľana was built in 1759. It was dedicated to St. Nicholas. After 1929 the church was relocated to Hradec Králové (ČR), where there is till this time installed in Jiráskové sady. Because of the transfer of the wooden church, there was built a new brick church in the village Nová Poľana, dedicated to the Nativity of the Theotokos, finished in 1929.
    Wooden church has three parts, three spaces, three towers. Construction of the church is rustic; the one of tower is columned one. The entrance from the western part leads into narthex. The tower gets rapidly narrow, when getting up. It is built over narthex. Body of the tower is covered with shingles and wooden boards. The roof has a shape of a cut pyramid with an onion dome, overshadowed by lantern, small roof, smaller onion dome and a cross. Whole top is covered with shingles. Roof of the narthex, nave and whole body of the sanctuary are covered with shingles in classic way. The roof over nave is covered with a shelter and an onion dome. Similarly is done also sanctuary, which has a low body of tower underneath the shelter. Originally there were three bells in the church.
    Iconostasis is not present in the church; probably it is in various museums, or in private collections.

Jiráskovy sady
Hradec Králové, ČR