Wooden churches

03. Hraničné

The wooden Roman Catholic church of Immaculate Conception Virgin Mary, 1785, NKP

The wooden church in the village Hraničné in mountains Ľubovnianskej vrchovine was built in 1785. I tis dedicated to Immaculate Conception Virgin Mary. The church was devasted by many catastrophes, especially during WWII. The church was completelly parsed, moved and again new built during its restauration. At the same time it was turned 90 degrees according to the prescription of the East-West direction of the church. There was built a sacristy from the nord side. The church architecture ist characteristic three-body church – small sanctuary, bigger church ship and west square. Since its beginning the church served both to Greek-Catholic as well as to Roman-Catholic believers. The interior decoration is diversified. Except icons there are fragments of renaissance and baroque altars in the church, which were transfered from the church in Stará Ľubovňa. The main altar of Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary is most valuable, in which meet different period-styles – baroque architecture, rococo and early renaissance. There is also the oldest organ here. An older pulpit from the last third of 17. century, carved pews, flags, original copper stoup and smaller pictures belong to inner.


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