Wooden churches

07. Kožuchovce (Košice)

The wooden Greek Catholic church of St. Nicholas, 1741, NKP

    Wooden Greek Catholic filial church was built in 1741. It was dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. In 1927 the church with the consent of the owner was transferred to Košice, and settled in the area of the museum. A year before its transfer a new, brick church was built in Kožuchovce, dedicated to the Nativity of the Theotokos. Wooden church had a major renovation in 1959.
    From architectural point of view it has three parts, three spaces, three towers and three crosses. It has a simple rustic structure; the tower has pillar structure getting very narrow upwards. The tower is set into narthex and covered with wooden boards and moldings. On smaller cone is an onion dome with narrow taller cone and one-barred decorated cross with a lunette. The body of the nave and the sanctuary is partially covered with boards and partially with bigger shingles. The tower is finished with an onion dome with decorated one-barred cross. Similarly is solved also the roof of the sanctuary, which has small space under the tower with onion dome and one-barred decorated cross. The entrance to the church is on western part and leads to narthex.
    Nowadays is the church without iconostasis and other liturgical artifacts. Those should be kept in the collections of Košice’s museum or in private collections, or even abroad. In fact, the church was devalued and it could not function not even for occasional liturgies on the days of patron feast.

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