Wooden churches

08. Miroľa

The wooden Greek Catholic church of the Protection of  the Mother of God, 1770, NKP


The wooden Greek Catholic church in Miroľa was built on a dominant plain in 1770 and is dedicated to the Protection of the Mother of God (Pokrov). The church has its architecture of Lemko‘s type, having three spaces. From outside is this division into three spaces stressed by gradual pyramidal roofs. The tower stands independently, outside the main structure, constructed on four bearing pillars. The whole structure is covered from outside with panels and also with a shingle roof. The upper third of the tower is covered with panels and equipped with small acoustic holes. The roof of the tower is pyramidal, having on the top a flattened onion dome that continues into a lantern. Above its roof is another tiny onion dome finished with a three barred cross. 

Iconostasis may be dated to the period of the construction of the church. Icons of the main row are on the first third of the 18th century, and are from the famous circle of the masters from the polish town of Ryboticze. The second, upper part of the iconostasis is from the second half of the 18th century. The difference is visible already from the first sight. The first row contains the icons of the holy bishop Nicholas, the Mother of God the Hodegetria, Christ the Teacher and the patron feast icon of the Protection of the Mother of God, which depicts the apparition of Mary in the church of Blachernae at the beginning of the 10th century. Interesting are also middle – royal doors from the end of the 17th century. They have two medallions of the Annunciation and four medallions of the Evangelists. In the second row are the greatest feasts of the church year. In the middle of the row is the icon of the Last Supper. Western culture influenced the third row, that of the apostles. In its middle is the icon of Christ the Highpriest, called also Pantocrator. The fourth row, of prophets, consists of twelve medallions in six extensions. Top of the iconostasis depicts the Crucifixion with St. John and Mary. The wood of the iconostasis is of various colors. Main row is brick – red, the rest is a combination of blue, white and green color, with slight gilding. The iconostasis went through various renovations. The last one occurred in 1977 – 1979, the royal doors were renovated in 2008.

Behind the iconostasis is an altar with the icon of Christ, bearing His cross, dated to the 19th century and having carved, rustically – rococo styled frame. On the side altar, the prothesis is placed a relief of the Crucifixion, dated to the middle of the 18th century.

Walls of the church are adorned with a rich icon collection, being from previous wooden church, probably from the end of the 17th century. Almost all of them were renovated in 2003 – 2009. Worth to mention is especially the icon of the Nativity of the Mother of God. Splendid is also the icon of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and also a precious processional cross, painted on both sides.

Icons of St. Michael the Archangel as well as the Icon of the Mother of God the Hodegetria with compliments are in the sanctuary. The Hodegetria is the one that is accompanying, showing the way and is also the protector of the pilgrims. Compliments are the depictions of the prophets on the edges of the icon with their prophecies about the Savior.

In the narthex are liturgical objects, found during various renovations of the church. Worth to mention is especially the epitaphios, an icon on the cloth, depicting the Entombment of the Christ, found in 2004 inside the altar. It dates back probably to the 17th century.

Special category are also rare books, used during the services, mostly from the 17th century, having historical notes about the donors and some interesting facts on bottom parts of the pages. The church was already several times renovated. The last, complex renovation took place between the years 2005 – 2008.


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