Wooden churches

04. Jedlinka

The wooden Greek Catholic church of Protection of the Mother of God, 1763, NKP

The wooden church of the Byzantine rite was built in Jedlinka in 1763 and is dedicated to the Protection of the Mother of God. Faithful Christians from ancient times have implored the Mother of God for protection, because they believe, that as the Redemption came through her in the person of her Son, Jesus Christ, thus also other graces come through her. Her intercession for us before God is considered as the most powerful one.

From an architectural point of view this log structure consists of three parts: narthex, nave and sanctuary. The main tower of pillar structure is built over the narthex. In its upper part we may observe unique acoustic holes, in the shape of a triangle. Three bells hang in the tower. The whole church is covered with cleft shingles. Classic three – spaced interior is enriched by additionally built entrance behind the door, from which ladder stairs lead to the tower with relatively significant bell cabinet. Beautiful tiny towers with three decorated crosses, ironworks on doors, or shingle roof contribute to the picturesque beauty of the wooden sacral architecture. Historical ironwork on the painted entrance door comes from the time of the church construction.

The sanctuary and the nave are divided by a wooden wall, called iconostasis. Most important part of the sanctuary is the altar - or the Prestol, where the un-bloody sacrifice of Jesus Christ is retrieved. On the altar is the tabernacle to keep the Most Holy Eucharist with an icon of the Nativity of the Mother of God from the beginning of the 19th century. On the left side of the sanctuary is a side altar – a preparatory table, where we can notice a precious icon of the Protection of the Mother of God from the 18th century. From a symbolical point of view, the sanctuary represents the heavenly kingdom – heaven itself and the victorious Church. Actually it is the iconostasis that is dominant in this church and is considered one of the richest and most valuable rococo iconostasis in Slovakia from the second half of the 18th century. The first main row contains, starting from the northern wall these icons: Holy bishop Nicholas, Mother of God the Hodegitria, Christ the Teacher and patron feast icon of the Protection of the Mother of God.  Also other rows of the iconostasis as well as royal doors are characterized by rich carvings of floral and vine designs. The royal doors are used by bishop, priest or in some cases also for a deacon. Side or deaconal doors are without door wings.

The iconostasis was renovated for the last time in 1987. Among other objects, it is worth noticing many icons on the choir and on the walls of the nave, which together create like another beautiful iconostasis. The church was completely renovated between the years 2000 and 2001. Thanks to this renovation, Divine liturgies can now be celebrated here in the Church Slavonic language.

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