Wooden churches

12. Ruský Potok

The wooden church of St. Michael the Archangel, 1740, NKP

    In the middle of the village Ruský Potok was in 1740 built originally Greek Catholic wooden church. Its patron is St. Michael the Archangel. From the 2000 was the church transferred to the Orthodox Church.
    From construction point of view this is a church with three parts, three spaces, two towers and two crosses. It is built on stone foundation. Structure of the church is classical rustic, the tower, narthex and nave have columned structure. Belfry in the southern part of the church is not original; it was built only in 1956. Inside are three bells, from the belfry in the tower.
    Body of the tower is covered with wooden boards; on its top is specially formed onion domed, lantern with a shelter, two onion domes, one above the other and three-barred cross. At the end of the roof is simple tower with onion dome and three-barred cross. The entrance to the church is from the western part through the narthex.
    Iconostasis (National cultural monument – NKP) in the church has architecture of four rows displayed on four levels. Probably it comes from the 18th century. First, main row consists of icons of St. Nicholas, Theotokos (Hodigitria), Christ, and St. Michael the Archangel, or better said Synaxis of St. Michael. Deaconal doors have no leaves. Royal doors with two leaves are adorned with six medallions (four Evangelists and two medallions of the Annunciation). On the jambs of the royal doors are the icons of St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory of Nazianzus. Space for the iconostasis is narrower, than the iconostasis, and because of this fact are the first and last pairs of icon put obliquely. Second row of feasts is divided by the icon of the Last (Mystical) Supper. Third apostolic row consists of the icons of apostles, with main icon of Christ in the middle of the row.
    Very precious in this church is also the table of preparation with the icon of the Deposition from the Cross, from the 18th century and liturgical books from the 17th century.
    BELFRY - is in the southern part of the church; it is not original, as it was built only in 1956. It has columned structure. Three bells are hanging inside, originally from the belfry in the tower.